Adam Borthwick

Digital Product Designer

Adam Borthwick

Digital Product Designer



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AgeWise Connect

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About Me

I'm Adam, a designer from Milton, Ontario looking for new experiences. I have a passion for and am interested in building unique and engaging digital experiences for users. I have a love for learning new design techniques, concepts, and software.

I graduated Sheridan College, holding an Honours Bachelor's Degree in Interaction Design. This experience provided me with a solid foundation in design principles and sparked my love for UX/UI design.

During the completion of my bachelors program I participated in two internship opportunities which developed my skillset and gave me practical experience. During my first internship, I worked with the startup Caribou Rewards. On their team I designed and developed a landing page with the goal of increasing traffic to their B2B product.

The second internship I completed was with Payments Canada. During this opportunity I conducted competitive analyses of products within the industry and generated reports about the payment landscape.

Since graduating I have been working on improving my development skills and have been working with a Startup called Nautic Crypto who I have developed a website for which can be found here.


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